product designer working + twerking in denver.

All of my work is under NDA, so you don't get to see anything cool.

“Lots of attention to detail, quick understanding of the requirements, and going beyond the requested specifications. We continue working with Margaret and are happy to have her help our team!”
Essan Akbarzadeh - CEO @ JOLTCOACHING
“Wonderfull Freelancer! Very great understanding of Instagram and has an eye for great quality visuals!  It was a pleasure to work with her and we'll be starting another project with Margaret shortly”
Essan Akbarzadeh - CEO @ JOLTCOACHING
“Margaret understood what I need her to do and she did an amazing job, also in a very short time. I am very pleased with this project, I can even say that the result turned out better than I imagined!”
Essan Akbarzadeh - CEO @ JOLTCOACHING

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interested in working with me? you'll have to go through not dev.